Freeing my code

Most of my code sits on hard drives, either unused or used in a very limited capacity. I am freeing what I can for all to consume.

Freeing my code

For most of the 2000s' until today, I have written code almost everyday in various capacity, first as a hobby, then part of my education to become a software engineer and then professionally. Most of that code is currently sitting on hard drives, not being used in any form.

I have decided to slowly release most of this, making it available to anyone to view or use. Some with the story behind, the context and maybe some tutorial / explanations, some without.

While I make it available, I don't intend to maintain or support any of this. So, the code will be provided as-is, maybe with few clean-ups and enhancements as I see fit, but not much more. Feel free to use it, reference it, learn from my mistakes, ... Hopefully that can be useful to some of you.

Note that most of the code will be old and will be using syntax techniques and ideas that are outdated or wouldn't be suitable today. Also, it worked in the context it was used in. For example, don't expect a piece of code I wrote for some personal automation to be usable in a widely available production environment without doing your own testing and due diligence.